Saint Tassach (Tassac) 1st Bishop of Raholp, Ireland (+495)



Saint Tassach (Tassac)

1st Bishop of Raholp, Ireland (+495)

January 14 & April 14

Saint Tassach, also known as St. Tassac was an Irish saint, born in the first decade of the 5th century, died c. 497.

He was one of Saint Patrick’s disciples, and when St Patrick founded the Church of Raholp he placed St Tassach in charge of it. The Church of Raholp was situated approximately 1 mile south of Saul.

St Tassach was a skilled artisan who made crosiers, patens, chalices, credences, shrines, and crosses for many of the churches founded by St Patrick, but is remembered primarily for the fact that he was selected by St Patrick to be with him in his last moments and to administer the Holy Viaticum to him.

This event is chronicled in “The Martyrology of Donegall”:

“Tassach of Raholp gave the Body of Christ to Saint Patrick before his death in the monastery of Saul”.