A Miracle of the Holy Cross in Congo, Africa



A Miracle of the Holy Cross in Congo, Africa




Amazing things are happening in Congo, said Father Basil Muamba to a large audience in the lecture hall of Kananga Mission. They are authentic and leave one speechless!

Fr. Basil recounted: “In 1996 I made a missionary trip to Dimbelenge, accompanied by a boy who was a chanter in the Center of the Mission of Kananga, and another boy who came with us on the road. When we arrived we met the old faithful who I had baptized last year and some were waiting to be baptized now. They gave us a house to spend our days while we were living near them. Among those awaiting baptism, there was a man who in a magical way was able to bring down lightning, and he had already killed many people. The traditional chief of the village had punished him by forbidding him to drink from the local river Mukamba. I baptized all of those who waited for baptism and among them was the magician. In the evening I kneaded and left the prosphoron (offering bread) for the Divine Liturgy the next day. All three of us then went to sleep. At around 4 o’clock in the morning a strong wind began to blow, which made the entire house shake. I jumped from the bed and heard the two children who escorted me crying and shouting: ‘Father, we are dying, come and rescue us!’ I heard the kids, but I could not move to get to the Continue reading “A Miracle of the Holy Cross in Congo, Africa”