Rejoice, Holy Virgin Mary Mother of God & Saint Nina Kuznetsoba of Russia (+1938)!

The Saints of May 1 & May 14

Russian video landscape painters 1

Holy Virgin Mary the Mother of God - Icon of Jerusalem
Holy Virgin Mary the Mother of God – Icon of Jerusalem
Saint Nina Koznetsova of Russia (May 14, +1938)

Rejoicings to the Holy Virgin Mary
with references to Saint Nina Kuznetsova
New Martyr in the concentration camp in Arkhangelsk Russia,
from Lalsk, Russia (May 14, +1938)

Rejoice, Mary full of Grace
Rejoice, Mother of God, heartily beneficence

Rejoice, Holy Virgin Mother of God
Rejoice, love without depth of Saint Martyr Nina Kuznetsova

Rejoice, painted by angels radiation
Rejoice, Divine Grace in the soul of Orthodox martyrs of the Church

Rejoice, melodic viola of the frozen waters of our soul
Rejoice, beautiful boldness to the Lord and our God

Rejoice, Mother of God, mirror of God’s Love
Rejoice, Mother of God, comforted loveable

Rejoice, Paradise landscape with roses
Rejoice, harmony of virtues

Rejoice, O Mother of God and Full of Grace!

From my poetry collection

“Painting Leaves”

Abel-Tasos Gkiouzelis





Saints of May1 & May 14

May 1

Nina Koznitseva May 14 & May 1

+1938 New Martyr in the concentration camp in Arkhangelsk Russia, from Lalsk, Russia – Rejoicings to Saint Nina Koznitseva: Click HERE

Acius (Ache) and Aceolus (Acheul) May 1 

  • c 303. The former a deacon, the latter a subdeacon, they were martyred near Amiens in France under Diocletian.

Amator (Amatre, Amadour) May 1
+ 418. Bishop of Auxerre in France. He had been married to a holy woman, venerated locally as St Martha. St Amator ordained as priest his successor St Germanus who left us the Life of his predecessor.

Andeolus May 1
+ 208. A subdeacon from Smyrna sent to France by St Polycarp. He is said to have been martyred near Viviers on the Rhône.

Arigius May 1
535-604. Bishop of Gap in France for twenty years, he was a fine pastor.

Asaph May 1
+ c 600. One of St Kentigern’s monks in the north of Wales. He is believed to have succeeded St Kentigern as abbot and bishop, leaving his own name to the see now in Clwyd. Many of his relatives are also venerated as saints.

Benedict of Szkalka May 1
+ 1012. A hermit on Mount Zobor in Hungary. He was a disciple of St Andrew Zorard. Renowned for his asceticism, he was murdered by robbers in 1012.

Bertha May 1
+ c 680. Foundress of Avenay in France, she is honoured as a martyr.

Brieuc (Briocus, Brioc) May 1
c 420-510. Born in Dyfed in Wales, he went to Brittany where he founded two monasteries, one near Tréguier and the other in what is now St Brieuc. He is also venerated in Cornwall.

Ceallach (Kellach) May 1
6th cent. A disciple of St Kieran of Clonmacnoise, he became Bishop of Killala in Ireland. He ended his life as a hermit and may have been martyred.

Cominus May 1
? A martyr in Catania in Sicily.

Evermarus May 1
+ c 700. A pilgrim murdered by robbers in Rousson near Tongres in Belgium.

Grata May 1
4th (or 8th) cent. A holy woman from Bergamo in Italy, zealous in securing Christian burial for the bodies of the martyrs.

Marculf May 1
+ 558. The founder of a monastery of hermits on the Egyptian model in Nanteuil in France.

Orentius (or Orientius) of Auch May 1
+ c 439. A hermit in the Lavendan valley near Tarbes in France, whom the people of Auch insisted on having for bishop. He was their pastor for over forty years.

Orentius and Patientia May 1
+ c 240. A husband and wife who lived at Loret near Huesca in Spain. An ancient Spanish tradition makes them the parents of St Laurence the Martyr.

Sigismund May 1
+ 523. A Vandal by origin and by character, he was King of the Burgundians in what is now eastern France. He repented for his sins by giving generously to the Church and the poor. He was murdered near the monastery of Agaunum in Switzerland which he had built and was then honoured as a martyr.

Theodard May 1
+ 893. A monk at the monastery of St Martin in Montauriol in France, he became Archbishop of Narbonne. Later the monastery was named St Audard after him.


May 14

Nina Koznitseva May 14 & May 1

+1938 New Martyr in the concentration camp in Arkhangelsk Russia, from Lalsk, Russia – Rejoicings to Saint Nina Koznitseva: Click HERE

Boniface of Tarsus May 14 

  • c 307. A martyr beheaded in Tarsus in Cilicia, where he had gone from Rome to recover the bodies of certain martyrs. His own relics are enshrined in the church of Sts Alexis and Boniface on the Aventine.

Boniface May 14
6th cent. Bishop of Ferentino in Tuscany at the time of the Emperor Justin. He is called on by those who are troubled by alcoholism.

Carthage (Carthach Mochuda) the Younger May 14
+ c 637. Born in Kerry in Ireland, he founded a monastery in Rathin in Westmeath, where he was abbot. Shortly before his repose, he and his monks were expelled. He led his monks to the banks of the Blackwater and founded the monastery of Lismore.

Erembert May 14
+ c 672. Born at Wocourt near Passy in France, he became a monk at Fontenelle (c 640) and Bishop of Toulouse (c 656.

Hallvard (Halward) May 14
+ c 1043. Of the royal family of Norway, he met his death while defending a woman who had appealed to him for help. He is the patron-saint of Oslo.

Justa, Justina and Henedina May 14
+ c 130. Saints venerated in Sardinia where they were martyred under Hadrian (117-138), either in Cagliari or else in Sassari.

Paschal I May 14
+ 824. Born in Rome, he was Abbot of St Stephen near the Vatican and became Bishop of Rome in 817. He defended the Orthodox in the East against the barbarous persecution of the iconoclasts. He is remembered for enshrining the relics of St Cecilia and other martyrs.

Pontius of Cimiez May 14
+ 258 (?) A martyr in Cimella (Cimiez) near Nice in the south of France. His relics gave his name to the town of Saint-Pons.

Tuto (Totto) May 14
+ 930. A monk and Abbot of St Emmeram in Regensburg in Germany, where he later became bishop.


More Saints of May 1 & May 14

Daily Lives of the Saints

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